Thursday, June 27, 2019


A 15 year old girl named Lovet Edemnyong from Akwa Ibom, but lived with her aunty who came to their village and took her when she was in elementary five to Yenagoa in Bayelsa State.

She is pregnant and was found sleeping in an uncompleted building with her condition.

She narrated her story as she left her stroke patient mother when she was in elementary five to live with her aunty because things was very hard for them in the village, thinking that staying with someone will ease their situation.

She said that starting from the time she lived with her aunty who sells cooked food (mama put) in Yenagoa till present, she has been maltreating her as if there is no tomorrow.

Her aunty has never for once planned to admit her in school since she left village to join her.

Her aunty will flog her with any available things around like wire and different weapons even in this her present condition and will also put pepper in her eyes and pubic area.

Despite her condition, she will do all the domestic work day and night, tired or not tired. 

Due to her wickedness, one of the boys that patronages them named Ekpe from Akwa Ibom too now promise to be taking care of her if she agrees to be having an affairs with him. No option than to accept the boy. The day he invited her to his house and had sex with her which resulted to this pregnancy, the boy ran away.  

She was maltreated to the top that she can't bear it anymore and she left to see if help will come from else where.

Her conversations with a good Nigerian goes like this:

When asked: where is the father of you unborn child?
Lovet Edemnyong : he has ran away.

When asked: How old is your pregnancy?
Lovet Edemnyong : I didn't Know.

When asked: how many times did your aunty took you to hospital for check-up?
Lovet Edemnyong : None, my aunty flog me with wires every time without no food,she will force me to do all the domestic works even when am very tired with my condition.

When asked: If transport is been provided for you to go back and meet your sick mum, uncles, aunties, brothers or sisters?
Lovet Edemnyong: over my dead body I will never go back to my village, I either die her in this uncompleted building with my unborn child.

When asked : WHY?
Lovet Edemnyong: Because I can't go back to my village and worsen my sick mother case and I can't face my village people,they will laugh me. I didn't have anyone expect my stroke patient mother.

She said if God can't help me let me die here in this uncompleted building with my unborn child.

When asked : What do you really want? Edemnyong: I want shelter, comfort and mind rest place to deliver my unborn child safely to continue my life in anyway I find myself.

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