Tuesday, June 25, 2019


"A top military insider who resides in Abuja and a friend who is not an IPOB member called and told me that a top Nigerian northern military personnel have planned to blackmail IPOB in the coming weeks. 

He said, they will dress convicts and those sentenced to death by the Nigerian government as soldiers with military vans, and then drive them into Biafra land, while the real soldiers would disguise as IPOB members who will then lay ambush on them, with a standby camera which will record everything going on. 

They will then televise it and say that its their evidence of terming IPOB as a terrorist organization and after that they will introduce more soldiers into Biafra land. 

Please spread this info. Let's make sure the world knows about it. The Nigerian government really wants to use this medium to kill more innocent Biafrans."

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