Thursday, June 6, 2019


"When pharaoh was punishing the children of Israel for many years. Why didn't the children of Israel pray to God to change pharaohs mind and is attitude towards them. Even after when the children of Israel was calling God in heaven to rescue them from the bondage of pharaoh they where seriously torture and force to worship idols of Egypt.

Pharaoh been the  king of Egypt was condemned by the Hebrew slaves.

So why will any Nigerian men of God condemn his citizens for criticising Buhari government for the hardship he as put everyone through.

Fulani herdsmen boko haram and armed bandits are killing Christians everyday by day and Pastor kumuyi never said any thing or condemn and kick against the Killings of his fellow Christians. Many Christians are been slaughtered like animals for not denouncing their Christian faith. Rather condemning those who are criticising Buhari. 

Leah sheabu one of  the chibok girls that was captured by boko Haram, was forcefully ask to change her Christian faith to Muslim. Which she refuse saying she will rather die than change her Christian faith but Pastor kumuyi as never  said anything about the release of that girl.

Our army are being killed like chickens by Islamist terrorist boko haram, not that they can defeat them but  because the military have been politicize by their so called general's.

Many Christians are been killed everyday even when they are working for God by preaching on the street and they are being killed by Islamist terrorist. What as Pastor kumuyi say about this. Nothing

If the children of Israel didn't cry unto God why did he send Moses to rescue the children of Israel. Why didn't God change pharaohs heart and still make the children of Israel stay in Egypt.

Moses condemn pharaoh for not allowing Gods people go and obeying God's word. So Nigerians have every Right to condemn it leaders if the country is lead in a wrong way.

To me it is a shame that our men of God are scared to speak the Truth to all leaders and they have also allowed them self been sold with money bag by not telling the Truth.

It a shame to Deeper life Bible Church.
It is a shame to Christian association of Nigeria and it is a shame to Christian as whole for a man of God like kumuyi will condemn anyone that kick against the president.

This is the reason why this country has falling because our men of God have been bought by selfish politicians. Is pastor kumuyi not aware about the rate of Nigerian committing suicide on a daily basis just because they have lost hope in their father's land.

But Whether any man of God like it or not, we will continue to condemn President Buhari administration and bad leaders for imposing hardship hunger and starvation etc in the land. 

If any man of God like let them sell themselves and thier families to politicians. We will continue to speak the Truth and kick against bad leaders in the country."

"God bless Nigeria!

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