Thursday, June 6, 2019


Deji Adeyanju has blasted this present government that this is a Nation where criminals and thieves are declaring Public holidays. 

He said, "Does this look like a nation to you?

"Nigeria is just a geographical location.

Go to the US, you will see citizens hanging the American flags
in front of their homes. They believe in the country. 

Do you know how many airports are in the US? Over 16,000 airports.

A nation where we celebrate tyrants, coup plotters and we use a military decree as constitution. We have public holidays for criminals and thieves.

A nation where the only God we worship is MONEY," He stated. 

Nigeria is a Colony of the Fulani Caliphate where the indigenous peoples and nations are recolonised by the Fulani Caliphate since 1970. 

Time for the indigenous nations of Nigeria to reclaim their Independence that they lost in 1966-1970! 

Unfortunately most natives of the indigenous nations don't even realise they have been slaves and colonised natives!

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