Wednesday, June 5, 2019


The leader of Miyetti Allah popularly known as Fulani Herdsmen terrorists, identified as Siddika Gidado, has threatened to get raid of Igbos since they failed to give out their lands peaceful for their cows. 

He said that the Southern grass is sweeter for their cows more than Northern grass. 

He threatened Igbos and said:
"Southern grass is sweeter for our cows than notthern grass! Since the Igbo are claiming to be stubborn and they refuse to give us their land in peace it will be taken by force and the entire South East will be raided and taken over by herdsmen.

The South East will boil any moment from now. It is an insult that the Igbo do not value anything that has to do with cow, only their business and money and yet they eat cow meat."

Hope the entire world is listening to this threat given to Southeast by Miyetti Allah group. 

This is a group of terrorists whom President Muhammadu Buhari  administration said that they are harmless and are just an ordinary socio-cultural group. 

If this threat comes from other groups, Federal Government would have acted but for the fact is from Fulani herdsmen every where is silent. 

Let watch and see what the Almighty God of Church Okike Abiama has stocked for South-East.

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