Sunday, June 2, 2019


At the early hours of Friday, hoodlums stop a tricycle driver popularly known as Keke Napep, around at Park road by George's street Aba, in attempt to snatch the bag of a passenger.

The Keke driver on noticing what was going decided to help his passenger by dragging the bag away from the hoodlums, he was shot in the process.

An eye witness said:
“Everything happened so sudden. I was strolling to buy soap and suddenly I saw some young men inside a tricycle chasing another tricycle that sped past me.

“When I turned, I saw that the first tricycle was trying to run over a crossroad and suddenly a girl ran out of it and escaped. “And all of a sudden, I heard a gunshot, which made everybody to scamper to safety.

“When I got closer to the spot, I saw the tricycle operator lying face down on his tricycle. They shot him in the head.”

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