Sunday, June 2, 2019


It's impossible for a herbalist to tell you that what he collected sum amount of money from you is something which you can afford with the Nigerian lowest currency. 

Bitter cola has been used to cure different illnesses and neutralized poisonous things. 

Here are health benefits of bitter cola:

1.   Bitter cola is used to neutralize snake or Scorpion poison. 

All you need to do is chew one bitter cola to neutralise the poison. 

2.  Bitter cola is used to keep snake away from your home. 

Grind bitter cola into powder and apply it on the floor of your home. If you don't like grinding it, you can drop it like that on the floor of house as well, so any  snake that cross it will die immediately. 

3.   Give it to any child that eat poisonous things like soap or kerosene etc. 

Just give bitter cola to that child after which the child will vomit the poisonous chemical within some minutes. 

4.  Bitter cola is used to flush out the toxic in the body. 

Soak bitter cola with water and start taking it morning and night. 

5.   Bitter cola is used to control diarrhoea. 

If any child is having a running stomach, just allow the person to start taking bitter cola, it will stop instantly. 

6.   Bitter cola is also used to control sugar level. 

Give bitter cola to a diabetic patient to be taking always, it will surprise you on the change you will notice.

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