Friday, June 21, 2019


"This is me in Disneyland on August 26, 1983. I first became resident in California at the age of 9. Yet, I still speak publicly and deliberately in my Nigerian accent. For the over 36 years that I have been crisscrossing the world, I can't count how many doors my Nigerian accent has opened for me. It stands me out from the crowd and turns heads."

"Why would an American consider an American accent as something interesting? They have 300 million people already using it. Ditto for the United Kingdom. No. Those guys want to hear another accent. Don't succumb to inferiority complex and change your accent to fit in. What is wrong with standing out? Be yourself." 

"Your Nigerian accent is cooler than ice! And while you are it, don't change your Kayode to Kay or your Ikechukwu to Iyke. Teach them how to pronounce Kayode and Ikechukwu. I assure you that your uniqueness will open more doors than your feeble attempts to conform."

"Reno is an Itsekiri. It was given to me by my grandfather, who was an Olu of Warri. I have five names. All of them are Itsekiri. Neither me it my children have European, Arabic or Asian names. And I speak Itsekiri proudly."

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