Monday, June 24, 2019


Let me tell you a bit about myself. 

My name is Shan Walker George. Born of a Nigerian mother and a British Father. 

I was born in Abakaliki and my parents moved to Enugu almost immediately. 

My father Gordons Walker-George worked at the Turners Asbestos international  (now called Emenite) and my mother was a nurse at the iyenu hospital. We lived at No2 nwodo close. GRA Enugu. My dad died when I was 5 years old and my mother had to move back to her hometown Ediba, Abi local government area of cross river state, where I grew up attending presbytarian primary school Ediba, and Edanafa secondary commercial schools Ediba. 

After which I got married. Had 2 children (boys). When the marriage didn't work out, I left and continued my education at the university of Lagos where I studied mass communication (major broadcasting) 
While in the university I joined Nollywood (Nigeria Movie Industry) as an Actor. 

In 1998 doing my final year in university I  produced my first Movie ALL FOR WINNIE. 
As a Movie Actor and A Movie Producer, I've acted well over 200 movies, and produced close to 30 movies (with my own hard earned money) 

I've won several Awards Home and Abroad (including the highly Rated 'Afro Holywood Awards' in 2002) 

I don't see anybody as an enemy, neither do I compete with anyone. My mission in life is not same as yours. 

I'm close to 50 and just want to live the remaining years of my life doing meaningful kickass movies that will blow minds and inspire many to become better persons while improving myself daily. I'm an only child of my parents and life has been a very tough and rough journey for me. 

I'm not perfect, just as you are not perfect. I've made loads of mistakes, just like you too have made. 

I respect people, but i don't worship any Human or depend on any Human. (Being an only child taught me to be solely dependent on God Almighty) I'm kind to All, but take no bullshit from none. 

I stand for TRUTH and my word is my BOND.  Love me or Hate me. My name still remains Shan Walker George."

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