Thursday, June 27, 2019


A 3 weeks old wedded bride named Chinwendu Promise Ifeabunandu (Nee Okafor) just died after a brief illness.

A 18 year old girl who just finished her WACE and married the same month died of a strange illness since Doctor detect nothing as what could have been the cause of the illness.

Her father is a very disciplined and principled man who didn't want to give his teenage daughter away now for marriage but her mother who initiated the whole ideas and persuaded her to marry American based man.

She just got married on April 28, 2019 and died on may 19, 2019.

“Few days after her wedding, she started feeling funny and her stomach was swelling. Chinwendu was rushed to a near by hospital, tests were ran and nothing was discovered. When we thought she was getting better, we lost her. Her husband who at that time had gone back to his base in Germany, returned. Sadly, he has already started making preparations for her to join him overseas but for the ugly incidence.”

“The father is a very principled man. He didn’t want to give his daughter away just so soon, but his wife persuaded him. I guess it was all about marrying ‘Onye obodo Oyibo’ (Man based overseas)."  

Her elder brother, Nwakanwa Okafor shared on his Facebook page and wrote “unexpected death” as the major cause of her death.

In his tribute, Nwakanwa wrote: “Sometimes i have this thought “it’s not true”!! coz wen i saw u in that hospital bed lying i said she’s just sleeping. She’ll be up to see many faces looking at her. But now everything seems to be true!!! make somebody plz call Heaven! Rip kid sis”

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