Saturday, May 18, 2019


An Igbo man, Evangelist Elliot Ugochukwu-Uko has reacted over the Ooni of Ife visited to Igbos to remind us that we are brothers now they have deprived Igbos from voting in Lagos State. 

Ooni said that an Igbo man cannot do without kolanut which was produced in Yoruba land. That shown that we have strong ties.

Elliot stated the following in respect of Ooni of Ife visited to Igbos. 

“While the political lion made sure Ndigbo were humiliated in Lagos by making sure Ndigbo were denied the right to vote, the Kabiyesi is going round humouring our people, telling us that we are twin brothers born on the same day and that our love in Tokyo was ordained in Heaven and consummated in the eleventh century. So funny, he just discovered that we are blood relatives, just for the 2023 presidential ambition of the political overlord. Funny he truly thinks our people are fooled."

“Four (4) years ago, another Kabiyesi threatened to drown all our people in lagoon. Now that they are afraid that their unprovoked hostility towards Ndigbo will certainly hurt the 2023 presidential ambition of this overlord, he now sends out the Kabiyesi on assignment to woo and deceive the foolish Igbos. Tell them we are twin brothers, tell them we love them so much, tell them our umbilical cords are tied together and buried at Ile Ife. After that, tell them that we must work together in 2023 because we have a brotherly and joint destiny."

“Their drama is so cheap, so unintelligent, but also offensive. My teenage son asked me: Daddy why didn’t this Oba embark on his fake brotherly sermon and visit before now. Why did he discover we were twin brothers only immediately after the elections? My answer to him was simple: because they think we are fools.” he said.

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