Saturday, May 11, 2019


Dr. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala said that the same scavengers of yesterday are the Saints of today based on Rotimi Amaechi who took Jonathan administration to court for trying to save for raining season are the one protesting now that PDP didn't save. 

The governors took the federal government to court over million of dollars in excess crude account. They won and part of the money was shared to the states. The issue is what did the governors do with the money? Absolutely nothing.

"Rotimi Amaechi as Chairman of Nigeria governors Forum took Jonathan government to court for trying to save for raining season including Fashola and most APC members, today they are the ones shouting that the PDP did not save, hypocrites and liars". 

"We then established a stabilization mechanism and opened an account for the oil surplus, which posted up to $22 billion.
In 2008, when prices fell from 148 to $ 38 a barrel, no one has heard of Nigeria because the country was able to tap into this fund. And that, I am very proud [of].

"When I returned to the department in 2011, there remained only $4 billion on this account (because part of the money saved was used to fund the amnesty programme for Niger Delta Militants embarked upon by the Yar'adua government) while the price of oil was very high!

"I tried again to put money aside. The PRESIDENT agreed, but the GOVERNORS did not accept."

"I suffered a lot of attacks from them (and they took us to the court up to the supreme court) and now that the country would really need this account, these same people accuse me of not having saved! If Nigeria had been more careful, we would not be here today. It hurts me. We have the mechanism, we had the experience, but we were prevented to act."

"Unfortunately, the same scavengers of yesterday are the saints of today". She stated.

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