Thursday, May 23, 2019


Mr Spell used to be a dirty, homeless, illiterate young man that hails from Ngwa. He lives and patrols around Umuahia metropolis. 

Mr Spell walks around the city like average nomadic fellows, looking for people that want to catch some fun. He cannot spell any word collectly, but his melodious way of spelling any word earned him a lot of fans in major bars and beer parlours around the town.

Gradually, his destiny began to shine. People started inviting him to beer parlours to cheer them up, from there his activities started gaining attention in the social media and he became famous.

He was later picked by one studio at Umuahia, From there the story of his his life changed. Mr Spell popularly known as 'Dede nne', started appearing in stages to perform as a stand up comedian. He started travelling from town to town and internationally to perform.

Once Mr Nobody became Mr Somebody. He become a celebrity. Everybody now wants to associate with him. Ladies flaunt around him to take selfie. He becomes centre of attraction.

Now he has enrolled to further his education.

Watch the video below:

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