Monday, May 20, 2019


Femi Fani-Kayode commented the Bola Tinubu for the courage in aspiring to be the president in 2023 and also that he has successfully challenged the myth that the North owns Nigeria. 

"I am not in Bola Tinubu's party and I remain one of his strongest critics. However I must commend him for firstly ensuring that June 12th was made Democracy Day and secondly for having the courage to aspire to be President in 2023."

"How many southern politicians from either APC or PDP have had the guts to do either of these two things?

"If nothing else he has successfully challenged the myth that the north owns Nigeria. He has also challenged the view that the north owns the APC."

"And that is precisely why some northern hegemonists and irredentists within his own party are now attempting to rubbish him and undermine his efforts." 

"Let us wait and see how successful he will be in his quest though my view is that his ambition will eventually split the APC along regional and ethnic lines."

"The north does not want to give up power in 2023 but Jagaban is hell bent on taking it by force. Let us see what will happen." he stated.

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