Thursday, May 16, 2019


Delicious Poison is the wrong combination foods that are poisonous to our health. It is the source of many diseases and why a lot of diseases refused to go out of our body. 

We see such combination as the best because it tastes good.

When a proper food combination is served, all the organs in the body enjoy it but when the wrong combination of food is served, it rises health abnormalities. 

As a result of that liver suffers it most. Many a times it leads to dead or cause serious illness.

Delicious Poison food is the combination of Beans and Ripe Plantains. 

Once plantain is ripped, it has turned to fruits that is why you can eat raw. When heat, cook, bake, fry or fire ripe plantain, it turns sweetness to what is known as 'Fructose to Acidity' and this is highly acidic.

Check all the diseases, it boils down to Acidity. The pain in the body is caused by Acid. Acid forming foods are extremely dangerous and should be avoided. 

Every fruits digest in the Terminal Ileum because it doesn't need Pancreatic Enzyme to digest. So ripe plantain digest in 3 hours while beans take 5 to 7 hours to digest in stomach.

When combined the two, ripe plantain will tries to move from the stomach to terminal Ileum to digest but beans won't allow it. It will struggle in your body until when Fermentation takes place. Fermentation is the major source of unknown diseases today. 

If you must combine, let it be unripe plantain and beans, it's a perfect combination.

The only difference between ripe and unripe is that you will eat ripe raw because it's sweet as normal fruits while you can eat unripe raw.

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