Sunday, May 19, 2019


Kidney Stone, Kidney Failure are sicknesses that can lead to dead if not properly taken care of. 

Kidney Dialysis is a process of removing some of a person's blood from an artery (as of a kidney patient), cleaning it, purifying it by dialysis, adding vital  substances, and returning it to a vein (person's body) also known as hemodialysis.
In other to avoid Dialysis which is very expensive. Therefore, it's high time we detoxify or cleanse our kidneys. 

What you required to use to cleanse your kidneys is 'Garden Egg Leaves'.

How to prepare it:

*  Get the leaves.

*  Rinse it in clean water. 

*  Cut the leaves into pieces.

*  Put it in a clean pot and fill it with clean water. 

*  Put it on fire and allow it to boil for 10 minutes.

*  Allow it to cool and filter it in a bottle. 

*  Start taking it with glass cup morning and night.

Check your urine each time you urinate and see how the salt and other diseases that can affect your kidneys being passed through your urine.

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