Tuesday, May 21, 2019


A man named MC Paschal Obinna Drich who was delayed at the ATM came back to noticed that the passengers have filled up the commercial bus boarded. He shouted to enter that bus but no avail on May 18th 2019. 

No choice than to wait for the next one. 35 minutes later, that particular bus had a fatal accident and killed 5 people at spot and others were sustained serious injuries.

He wrote:
"I am posting this LIVE from Enugu Abakaliki expressway, am on my way to Urevene Amarachi2 in Ezza mgbo to #MC#Mr_Wiseman_TRADITIONAL_MARRIAGE..i would've enter this vehicle but I was delayed at the ATM only for me to return back and it's filled up.. I shouted and shouted for me to follow this bus but to no Avail so I had to wait for the next one.. Just in less than 35mins later I met this same bus at quarry Site Ezeilo in this condition with 5persons dead and a lot in bad shape just B/W Enugu to Abakaliki, what would've happened if that ATM at Holy Ghost mrk round about didn't delay..where I for Dey??? I don't know what to say, But thank you JESUS... U said I'll be behind when its bad in front and u just fulfilled It Again ... This is the second time in 8years that you've saved me from this same situation of incident.. God God God!!! may your name be praised forever  I'm a traveler and you know it and that's why I've always trusted you alone for my safety GOD Thanks again Am #ijele the traveler and my blood shall never spill by the road side Friends please help me thank this Big God  he has done it again". 

Thank God for you dear...

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