Tuesday, May 14, 2019


The Caramelo Lounge and Suites owned by an Igbo man named Maxwell Eze was demolished by Federal Government in less than 24 hours a property that worth ₦500 million was destroyed. 

The reason for the demolishment has not been disclosed. It was the same suits that police arrested the strippers and covered their faces when they were having sex with them.

Igbos have been harassed, arrested and destroyed their properties unjustified and our leaders are there kept quiet. 

Last time, it was AIT that belonged to an Igbo man in Lagos. Now a hotel that belonged to another Igbo man.

Ohanaeze Ndigbo needs to do something before it gets out of hand. Next may be a church, school or hospital that belonged to an person. 

If they are don't Igbos, then given Igbos Biafra should be the next option.

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