Friday, May 3, 2019


A lots of rumours are on social media against this beautiful Nollywood Actress Regina Daniels from Asaba, Delta State. 

Many have said shamed to you for trying to marry a man that is old enough to be your father.

Others said you are 19 years and intend to marry a billionaire man of 59 years and all that. 

The truth is this:

Ned Nwoko is not Regina's husband rather her Dad. 

Mr Ned Nwoko was poor that he could not take of his family then, while Regina was too tender.

The both parent separated. Regina's mother suffered in caring for her until she joined acting. 

Regina too suffered a lot of insults from her friends. She was mocked by her friends who called her bastard.

Last year, she threatened her mother that she will kill herself if she failed to show her who her father is. 

She was apologized by her mother and later showed her to her father, who is a billionaire.

Ned Nwoko was ashamed of himself as his daughter has turned out to be a very beautiful girl. So in order to win her love back, he started lavishing money on her, taking her on vacation etc. 

People became jealous and now fake stories of her been allegedly married to her dad.

She's yet open up.

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