Wednesday, April 10, 2019


Ladies, let learn from people's mistakes and refused to be used as a victim.

Your ex can never allowed you to be happy in the hands of another man.

Let your ex remain your ex and never bring him to your future to avoid pain, sadness and disappointment. 

This young beautiful lady was called by her ex-husband to come and pick her mail from his house in Edmonton North London, unknowingly that the young man has already concluded on what to do to her.

They had little misunderstanding, the man poured hot boiled water on her and pushed her on the floor where she screamed in pains. 

He got a knife and scissors started hacking at her hand until she passed out from the pains.

When he discovered that she has passed out, he wrapped her and put in the boot of his car for disposal. 

Unfortunately, there was no suitable place to deposed the dead body, he now parked his car and called police officers when they were about to suspect him.

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