Sunday, April 21, 2019


The whole world is pathetically hypocritical. Churches and hotels were bombed on Easter day, leaving a death toll of more than 200, and several hundreds injured in Sri Lanka, a predominantly Muslim country. 

Unfortunately, the whole world, including the international media pretended that the perpetrators of the crime are faceless.

Last year when close to a hundred people were mowed down by Fulani herdsmen in Benue state, the government attempted to cover up to no avail. They only succeeded in making us believe that the perpetrators were not Fulani. All in a bid not to embarrass the government in power. 

Just about a week a go, another group of herdsmen invaded a church in a village within Akwanga local government area, where close to 20 men, women and children were killed, scores injured, houses burnt down, and more than 400 persons rendered homeless.

Unfortunately, the Nigerian media, in an attempt to please the Government in attempting to hide the fact that the victim's of these crises were Christians who were having a child dedication service in church. Could this unwholesome silence and distortion of information be a global conspiracy against the body of Christ? Whichever way it goes, let it be known to the perpetrators of these crimes and their collaborators that the church is indestructible. 

Our father has taught us that the blood of the saints is the seed for the gospel. The Nigerian church, and indeed the church world wide will continue to wax stronger and stronger inspite of these attacks.

"No matter how many Christians you slaughter, no matter how many Churches you bomb, Christianity cannot be wiped out. The more the terror and persecution, the more our faith and our glorious Church goes from strength to strength and manifests its awesome power. Our God is mighty!"

The gates of hell shall not prevail. But shame to those who afflict the church, and shame to those who cover up the truth.

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