Thursday, March 28, 2019


"I'm Odunuga Abi from ijabu ode of great Oduduwa Nation, am writing this to let my people know what is going on about our struggle for freedom of Oduduwa Republic.

The person we delegated to fight for us is not doing what he was sent to do. It happened that Adeyinka Grandson came to us one faithful day that he will lead Oduduwa nation out from Nigeria and we believed in him then asked him to explain his strategy and way forward to achieve the purpose which he told us, we backed him with all we have in other to achieve Oduduwa nation.

I have been following his moves to help him out till on 10th August 2017 when I asked him to know how far he has gone in the struggle and he then replied that he is still trying to gather Oduduwa people not knowing that he has not gone UN office to make our struggle known to them.

I remembered one of our Oduduwa son that shouted back at him that he is working for Tinubu to bring Nnamdi Kanu down about Biafra struggle and that we should not trust him again.

After that incident, I started reading the hand writing on the wall and also his l Facebook post. I then noticed that is only talking about Igbos and Nnamdi Kanu with his IPOB not even the Fulanis in the north that are holding all our future down.   

I was shocked when Nnamdi Kanu told Adeyinka Grandson to drop the struggle that he was no where as freedom fighter on Facebook.

I remembered calling him on 5th Feb. 2019 and ask him how far he has gone he still replied that is trying to gather Oduduwa Nation and he has not been to UN office to make our struggle know to them, so I advised him to talk less about Igbos and Nnamdi Kanu (IPOB) that he can't divide them from Niger Delta they are one before Nigeria was created and they have gone so far in UN office and all over the world even Nigeria government can't stop them now because I know Nigeria government is shaking because of them and Biafrans are truly fighting to win.

I also told him not to wait for them to join us, he should join them to break up Nigeria if we will win this because I know they have gone far more than us but he didn't listen to me.

Then I remembered all the money we have been sending to him in the name of freedom fighters of Oduduwa nation and he has done nothing about it.

I discovered that it's obvious he wants to bring Nnamdi Kanu (IPOB) Biafra struggle down, because all he says is only Biafra not Fulanis and their Nigeria government.

My advice to my great Oduduwa Nation is to forget Adeyinka Grandson he is not a leader and we should choose a leader who knows his people's needs and know what to do at a given time like Kanu to his people.

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