Saturday, March 9, 2019


My good people of Ede Land and Nigeria at large. The plan of the APC is that you should wake up this morning to hear the news that the enemy of PDP Candidate of Osun State House of Assembly in Ede South State Constituency Hon Olaniran Akanfe Atidade is dead so that they can be the happiest people on earth. Yes, that was their devilish plan and they tried all their possible means to make that happened, but for we are serving a living God and we have utmost trust in him that no weapon formed against us shall prosper. At exactly 11:25pm of yesterday after rigorous meetings, Hon. Olaniran Akanfe Atidade drove to his father's palatial residence at Sawmill Allahu Lateef, Ede to meet the extended family members who traveled from far and near for the election, only to park at the gate and attacked the hired assassins who were suspected to be working for his major contender  Hon. Nureni Adebisi of the APC, loaded in 2 Space Wagon Cars and a Toyota Hilux which were talking around by the official Corolla Car of Ede South Local Government with plate number LG 006 EDE. 


With the intervention of the Mighty God the one called Jehovah Yahweh, Hon. Olaniran Akanfe Atidade was pursued into the bush by the heavily armed hired assassins to the extent that his whereabouts was unknown for over 2hours in the bush after the quick responses from the Nigerian Police, the Night Guards, Vigilantes and his admirers who came around for rescue.


So dearly to the extent that his car was fired with guns and heavy weapons like axes and cutlasses but to the glory of God Almighty, their plans to throw sorrow into Ede Land today failed. That's to show the despiracy of the APC over the House of Assembly election of Ede South State Constituency. They aware that the battle of today has been won already by Hon. Olaniran Akanfe Atidade who is enjoying the maximum supports of the good people of Ede but they are trying everything possible to upturn the WILL of God. They are trying every available means to be God but they have forgotten that they can never be God. 


We give glory to God Almighty, Your Honourable is Hale and Healthy, We Shall Vote en mass today and we shall win.

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