Friday, March 1, 2019


"If I fail to deliver 90% of the local governments  for APC, if I die, don't bury me in Ukana my village"

"I can confidently tell you that election in Akwa Ibom will last for 3 hours. Infact, I will make sure that APC wins at all level within three hours"

"PDP died the day I left them. Chai, Mbom PDP (I pity PDP) yes, I pity them, especially Udom. I put him there and I will remove him(He cried mockingly and raised a song) Kop ntuagha ke PDP, Kop ntuagha ke PDP. Akpabio asio ukot Udom onyong idung, kop ntuagha ke PDP" (meaning Listen as they weep in PDP, See as they weep in PDP, when Akpabio raises his leg, immediately, Udom relocate to his village)

"If my gateman disobeys me, do you expect me to start exchange words with my gateman? God forbid. I will just sack him straight away. By the time I finish with PDP, they will know I am Akpabio.

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