Friday, March 1, 2019


It is very popular to believe that the month of birth can determine the characteristics of an individual and their behavior. 

Here are what distinguishes people born in MARCH from others...


1. They are intuitive:
People born in this month have a great intuition, that allows them to sense even the slightest of scams. Thanks to this ability it is really hard or even impossible to fool or cheat them. Such a skill helps them to avoid any traps in life and go easily through it. They really know people and once you lost their trust it is difficult to get it back.

2. They think a lot:
We can say that their brain never sleeps because they always think. No matter if it is an actual case or the thing that has happened years ago. They need to over think everything since they tend to look for the answers to many questions about the world. Every decision, every plan needs to be thought out before they start to act. What's more, they have even some dirty thoughts, although it is sometimes hard for them to accept that...

3. They are kind:
March borns are extremely generous and sympathetic. They are always willing to help and ready for any sacrifices. They have hearts of gold and everybody can count on them. Their kindness toward ones in need has gained them the admiration and respect from others. They are liked and worthy of trust. Even if they allow themselves for some selfish behavior, it is only when they think they deserved it.

4. They are faithful:
People born in March are the most loving partners and they would never cheat on their partners.They are faithful to their beloved ones no matter what, in good and in hard times. For them, in a relationship, the most important are trust, love and sure that they can depend on a partner as he can depend on them. Even if they are thinkers when it goes to love they can make some hasty decisions. But as we all know "Love is blindness".

5. They love nature:
People born in this month know that wandering in the wood or having a pet makes a life healthier and happier. No matter of research or scientific proof about it, they subconsciously and from the heart love nature and animals. They are actually very passionate about it and it works relaxing on them. If they have a pet, they will treat it with a great care, as a member of a family.

6. They are talented:
People born in this month are very talented. They are great in everything they do since they always put 100% of themselves in everything they engage to. They never give up, so there's literally nothing they cannot do! Because of their thinking abilities, they act logically, but they have also artistic talents. Theis ideas are very innovative and creative. And they can also adapt well to any situation...

7. They adapt:
This is probably one of the strongest traits of March borns. No matter the situation, they feel comfortable and well. They have great ability to adapt. That’s why they’re always not very demanding in what they want, and they are usually happy with what they have. As long as their basic needs are fulfilled they feel fine with everything. Thanks to that ability they can survive in any situation and environment.

8. They are positive:
People born in March are always happy and enthusiastic. Actually, everybody around them can feel their positive vibes and it is almost impossible to not smile being with them. Their cheerful attitude makes others forget about their worries and people really can count on them in their hard times. Because they are happy in life they show their kindness to the world as well. And it all can be contagious!

9. They take their time:
As we mentioned before they are thinkers and actually their logical thinking could take a while what just a little bit leads to procrastination. Other can be irritated that every time they take their time to think everything through. But this is how they work and nothing can change it. The patient is needed. What more, they can be moody and if they are doing something that doesn't interest them at all they have an attention span of a goldfish.

10. They are great friends:
March borns always have a lot of people around them because they are great friends. They are respected and liked. They are trustful, helpful and cheerful and surround themselves with a group of people who are like them. Individuals born in this month also can depend on others and trust their friends. And this is important because they don’t get close to just anybody.

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