Thursday, February 21, 2019



Ways Of The Politicians 

Saraki is working for Atiku, his sister Gbemi is working for Buhari

Obasanjo is working for Atiku, his son Juwon is working for Buhari

Okupe is working for Atiku, his son is working for Buhari


Galadima is working for Atiku, his daughter is working for Buhari

You are sons and daughters of none of these are their Defenders on social media.

When CBN job is vacant, they give their children

When FIRS job is vacant, they give their children


When NNPC, NLG, NPA, NIMASA, NCC etc jobs are out, they give to their children

They marry their children off to one another to create future leaders for you the social media Defenders

But when police recruitment form is out, that is public

When civil defence job is out, they give that to to you.

When their children crash a car or bike, they fly them to Germany

When their children need good education, they ferry them to UK, US, Canada

When your children fall sick, you take them to churches, mosques

When your children are sent out of school, you send them to labour camps - hawking
ASUU, ASUP, NASU, NLC, SARS, STRIKES are yours to battle with in Nigeria

If you think you are doing anybody fighting for these folks, take a look at the mirror and the image you see thereby is he that you are deceiving - yourself

If you don't use your brain, someone else will use it for you"

*Their Ambitions is not worth a drop of your blood...

*By next Saturday, please cast your vote in peace don't fight anybody because of these characters.

The inside of a court dock is lonely, don't go to prison because of any politician.

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