Monday, January 28, 2019


Popular Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson has revealed that she is in desperate need of a man. The mother of one whom reports say has been dumped by her baby daddy British photographer, Jamie Roberts, made this known on a live Television show.

Since hitting the spotlight and becoming an accomplished actress, Yvonne Nelson  has dated several famous and rich men in her country and away. She’s dated Nigerian singers Iyanya and Ice Prince. She is also rumored to have dated actor Jim Iyke which she denies.


She is a great and talented actress – someone who combined poise, beauty and style effortlessly.

While speaking on the TV show Dinning with cooks and braggarts, Yvonne Nelson made it known that her quest to have a man for herself is a serious one and not a joke this time around.


When the show’s host asked for the kind of guy the actress would love to have a relationship with, whether he has to be Ghanaian or Nigerian, she replied with the word ”Any”.

The beautiful  actress also emphasized that she’s single and ready to mingle during a TV show with her colleagues, Yvonne Okoro and John Dumelo.

Nelson seems to have felt the need to emphasize the fact that she is single and searching because according to her, no one has responded to her social media post on ‘needing a date.’

When the mother of one was asked by her namesake, if she was really single, Nelson had this to say: “No one reached out to me…maybe they don’t believe me… I am looking for one. Yvonne get me one. I don’t mind.”
Of course, her statement was met by laughter from her colleagues. If we were waiting on proof that Nelson has split from her baby daddy, James, then this is all the proof we need to recall that in 2018, the new mum had denied splitting from him but her active search for a date proves otherwise.

However, the shocking truth was soon revealed about Jamie Roberts. It turned out that he actually has a wife, whose name is Keela Harrison, and she is from Nigeria. There was a lot of evidence that pointed out the true nature of this statement. The journalists found a video on Keela’s social media page from their wedding, where she sounds really happy to get married to Jamie. It also looked like Jamie has children with her.

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