Thursday, January 31, 2019


President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday made a promise that got some top Nigerian politicians scared ahead of the forthcoming crucial elections in the country.

President Buhari vowed that his administration will bring to justice all those who have abused public trust, saying that his administration is determined to ensure that all corruption cases are prosecuted to their logical conclusions.

Speaking at the palace of the Obong of Calabar, Cross River state, Calabar, Edidem Ekpo Abasi Otu V, he said to achieve this, the administration was working on the police and the judiciary with a view of getting them to speed up efforts in the prosecution of all corruption cases.

The president, who was in the state for the All Progressive Congress (APC) presidential campaign and was speaking to the royal father on the implementation of his 2015 three cardinal campaign promises, he said: “On bribery and corruption, its very difficult under this system but we are doing our best.

“We are trying to get to the police and the judiciary to act very quickly on the presentations made in the people who abuse trust, and we are not going to let go. As long as we are here your Majesty, all those who abuse trust will be taken before the law and we make sure they are finished.”

The president, who said he was in the place to seek royal support and understanding, assured that he was president for the whole country. “I thank you very much. I extend my request for understanding and support. I assure you I am working for the whole country,” he said.

Buhari expressed delight that the royal father had been briefed about the efforts made by his administration especially in the area of providing strategic infrastructure, saying that it was the intention of the administration to open up the whole country.

He added: “I’m very pleased you have been briefed about what effort this administration has been doing in terms of strategic infrastructure so that the whole country will be opened up.

“I assure your Majesty that this administration is determined to do its best. Last time I came around seeking the same understanding and support, we were making promises on three fundamental issues that every Nigerian is acutely aware of.

“Firstly, the security of the country itself, then the economy in terms of employment for all able-bodied persons and then, of course, fighting corruption.

“We have made progress in all aspects and Nigerians that bother to make research or to watch the news or to listen to  news know that this administration has lived to his words

“The people in the northeast are the biggest witnesses of our performance security wise

“And on the economic front, I think the ordinary workers and farmers are witnesses because we instructed the Ministry of Agriculture and Youth Development and the governor of the Central Bank to make sure that they have extended loans to farmers and the feedback we are getting is very encouraging.

“God in His infinite mercy blessed the last three raining seasons. We have good raining seasons and a lot of state governors including your own have factored into our agriculture campaign. We have been successful in that, that we have stopped the importation of rice up to 90 per cent. That money we are saving is the one we will put into infrastructure.

“So, for the economy, we are not doing too badly. Young able-bodied persons that were very idle before now have gone back to land and nobody is regretting it.”

Earlier in his address, the Obong of Calabar said the people of his kingdom had heard of the good works done by the president, saying that the people had been itching to come close to him to discuss with him.

While thanking the president, he added: “I have to bless you naturally for the upcoming election and we hope by God’s making you will come into the second term when people have voted because we are all proud of you.

“We’ve had so many experiences and we can mention them. Please continue right because we were locked in this coastal area. We’ve been clamouring for years to have this Calabar-Ogoja-Katsina-ala opened to the northeast. It never happened.

“But today, I’m told and one of these days, I’ll drive out to go and see that road, the construction of it being started.”

Meanwhile, the APC gubernatorial candidate for Cross River state, Senator John Eno, has assured that the people of the state were ready to wrest power for the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Speaking to State House correspondents in the state capital, he said the people had seen a credible alternative and had embraced it. He said: “If there’s one state that the thirst and the hunger for change is favoured, it is Cross River state.

“And I say this more because I have campaigned in 11 local governments of the 18 local governments. Everywhere I have gone, I have been in shock myself that the kind of rejoicing that people have that there is an alternative. It’s one thing to have a bad administration. Its another thing to have an alternative that people regard as credible. In Cross River, we have the worst administration after the state was created in 1967. But we also have an alternative that Cross Riverians adjudged to be credible and I think they can’t wait to have that. For the first time in 1999, the APC as the opposition in Cross River state is putting up candidates in every constituency. It’s competing in every constituency and everywhere. And I think  that the state is ready for that change.”

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