Monday, December 17, 2018


Nigerians abroad are being insulted and defrauded at embassies and high commissions during passport processing. This issue has been raised severally but there has been no reform and the corruption and denigration continues.

They are as follows:

1. Illegal fees have been formally added to almost all passport applications.

2. Passport offices give extended dates to collect bribe money for expediting applications.

3. Errors on documents made by the embassy are used also to demand bribe from applicants.

4. Embassy officials lie to applicants that their name is already in the system and this is also used to collect bribe money.

5. There is no phone customer service at missions abroad.

6. Worst yet, Nigerian missions do not do anything for Nigerians abroad and never help citizens fight cases where they have issues in the host country. The high commissions thereby offer no added service and only give delays, insults and rob Nigerians abroad when they come for their passports.

It has sadly been noted that Nigerian embassy officials do not just see Nigerians abroad as potential victims of their scams and robbery plots but generally appear to have a disdain for Nigerians abroad and treat applicants with serious disrespect and dismissal. 

Protests and public complaints have fallen on deaf ears as there is yet to be reform at Nigerian embassies abroad..

As the greatest contributors to the Nigerian economy, repatriating over $35 billion every year, we refuse to continue being robbed and insulted by Nigerian officials abroad as at home.

We demand termination and replacement of the Foreign minister.

We also demand total overhaul and retraining of all embassy staff.

We demand punitive action for all staff involved in the defrauding of Nigerians abroad and refunds to be made to victims.

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