Wednesday, December 19, 2018


Most things that your boyfriend finds annoying will be specific to him and your individual relationship. The basics of playing games, too much texting, and being indecisive are very common, but everyone has individual preferences. Some guys don’t like burps, others are freaked out by your feet touching them. With any of these things, consider why you are doing them. Playful annoyance can be fun if done in moderation; however, if this is your break up plan, you may need some lessons in honesty and self-confidence.


Make a list of things you know annoy him:
Does he get annoyed by a particular accent? Does he dislike particular bands or genres of music? Does he feel annoyed being tickled? These are simple ones, but the list goes on and on.

Brush up on your list and prepare for the next time you see him:
Especially if you are around each other regularly, annoying him on a consistent basis is easy, so long as you remember your list and are prepared to imitate that accent, blast that music, and tickle him to your heart’s content. Just remember to annoy him for a laugh and not cross the boundary into anger.

Be rude:
If you’re cold-hearted and cruel, this should come natural. Forget every bit of manners even exist for a few minutes. Talk over him, be obnoxious, pester him, nag constantly, and play keep away with his things. See if you can get a laugh out of him.
Be wary if he has a temper and try not to really hurt his feelings or you may come off as more a bully than an annoying girlfriend.

Play dumb:
Fiddle with your hair and gaze at him with a slightly glazed expression as you fixate on his lips.
When asked for an opinion, giggle and say you don’t know anything about that.
Pretend to give up all of your hobbies and interests to focus on him.
Who cares if you were a state champion volleyball player before? He loves video games so the only workout you should get is from playing FIFA online. It can be cute and endearing to pretend you’re just like one of the guys.

Always ask him what he’s thinking:
The more you ask, the more annoyed he will be. Take the approach of being an inquisitive child. The more you ask “why”, the shorter your conversation will be. Pepper in some sarcasm to punctuate that you are just trying to make him laugh.

Talk, ask questions, and make a lot of comments while he watches tv or a movie:
Try to do this especially during an action sequences or important parts in the story. Better yet, do it while he watches sports and the score is close.
Some guys are more intense when watching their favourite programs so be sure to gage the context.

Use, or don’t use, your words:
Correct him about his inaccurate facts or ways of doing things. Employ the silent treatment to get whatever you want.
Don’t give him the silent treatment too long or you could create a volatile situation. Make sure to laugh once he understands that it’s a joke.

Be as needy as possible:
Look to gain his approval or pretend to suffocate him for a short period of time. For example, try to help him with stuff after he says he doesn’t need any help.

Pretend to change him:
Complain about what he does and tell him that you want him to change. Make him laugh by acting out a parody of how he should be doing things correctly. Exaggerate movements and tell him to do things incorrectly so he knows that you are joking.

Be immature:
The little things always count. Do annoying things such as calling his name multiple times, keep touching him when he’s trying to concentrate etc.
It’s so cute annoying your boyfriend deliberately..

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