Wednesday, December 19, 2018


The recent face-off between the former governor of Anambra state and now Vice presidential candidate of the People's Democratic Party, Mr. Peter Obi and the originator / founder of Adoration ministry, Rev. Fr Ejike Mbaka has exposed certain untold story of the Anambra ex -governor. 

Regrettably enough, one of the unfortunate incident amongst others was Obi's being responsible for Lynda Ikeji 's extra marital pregnancy which was shown in DNA medical analysis perform by world's best medical centre, the St. Charls hospital  , Lagos

Analyzing her ordeals as contained in daily sun Newspaper of November, 16 , 2018 miss Lynda Ikeji courageously admited having an affair with Obi by describing him as her best friend ever,  a statement which left many worried over  who was really responsible for Lynda's pregnancy. 

Further investigation into the extra marital scandal of Lynda Ikeji revealed that Mrs Margret Obi was reliably gathered to have felicitated the DNA test to acertain if the allegations against her husband was actually true.

Upon her medical confirmation that her husband was responsible for the pregnancy, Mrs Obi has threaten to file a divorce litigation against Obi, saying that she can't share her husband with any woman and therefore has concluded plans to quit the marriage via a legal process. 

Obi's involvement in Lynda 's pregnancy was later confirmed when Obi rushed to take some emotional photographs with Miss Ikeji where they posed with their new born baby as shown in the picture below .

With the above lingering polygamous and extra marital scandal on the person of Mr. Peter Obi, many has kept asking why Obi should decend so low to have insulted his tribe and molested his family on the above subject matter.   

Though, it was equally gathered that Obi have on different platforms made some attempt towards refuting the allegations but couldn't succeed as a result of the DNA test.

Let's keep watching as further investigation keeps unfolding.

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