Monday, December 17, 2018


Shortly after Liverpool’s incredible comeback in the 2005 Champions League final, defender John Arne Riise returned to his hometown with a motive: to find his childhood bully and prove a point.

In a recent interview with Stadium Astro, Riise spoke of how he met the bully in his home city, Molde. And as he walked into a local McDonalds, the 38-year-old and his childhood tormentor looked at each other.


In the footage below, Riise goes onto describe how he smiled at the person, and remained cool, calm and collected – the best way of saying “Yep. i just won the Champions League.”

As we all know, Liverpool staged one of the greatest comebacks in football history on that famous night in Istanbul, and Riise played an instrumental role throughout that Champions League journey.


“One of them worked at McDonald’s, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but I had just won the Champions League.” he stated

Riise even ordered a Happy Meal to prove his emotions on that memorable day in Norway: “I recognised him and I know he recognised me. I was just happy and smiley, but I knew in my head I was thinking ‘in your face’.


“And I walked out a happy man. It was very good for me to come home and get the look on their faces.”

In his new book Running Man, the Norwegian opens up about his life, including that story in McDonalds – via an interview with The Daily Mail

“I had seen someone go in there, At school I was bullied. Never invited to parties and stuff. Not picked for sport. Pale kid, ginger hair, freckles. You get it.

That guy was one of those who did it. It was a fluke that I saw him, but he obviously worked there.So I came to the counter for the Big Mac. I didn’t even want one, just the reaction. He turned and it was: “Next please”. He looked straight at me, in to my eyes. He knew.

“I said nothing, walked out and threw the McDonald’s away. It wasn’t planned but it was the perfect reply. 

There is absolutely no disrespect that you are working in McDonald’s. But I had just won the Champions League. It felt good.”

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