Thursday, October 11, 2018


The HIV-positive man had been having unprotected sex with women.

A 44-year old HIV-positive man, Norman O’Neill has been ordered by Court to always give a 24-hour notice to the police of the name and contact details of any woman he intends to have sex with.
He must also inform these women of his HIV status by order of court.

According to Detective Sergeant Craig Fielding, O’Neill had been having unprotected sex with these women under the pretense of offering them sex and alcohol, without ever informing them of his health condition.

In fact, Police had twice gotten complaints from two women who accused O’Neill of sex-related impropriety without their consent.

One of them claimed that she fell asleep in his bed, but by the next morning, the bottom half of her dress was gone, while the other claimed she found blood traces on her body the next morning.

Both cases could however not be adequately prosecuted because there was insufficient evidence of sex.

Equally, the women were not prepared to support a prosecution of O’Neill in a court of competent jurisdiction.

As a result, a Magistrates Court in Southampton branded O’Neill a “danger to women” and placed him under a four-year sexual risk order, that if he violates, he potentially faces up to five years in prison.

Under this order, O’Neill is under curfew from 10 pm till 7 am. He must also not invite any women into his home without police permission.

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