Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Mohammed Dewji, Africa’s youngest and Tanzania’s only billionaire, was kidnapped in northwest Dar es Salaam last week.

The Family is offering 1 billion shillings ($437,000) to anyone with new information that will lead to the billionaire rescue.
Three telephone lines open to gather information about his whereabouts.

Tanzania’s only billionaire, Mohammed Dewji, abducted last week in his home country.

The family of Tanzanian billionaire industrialist, Mohammed Dewji, who was abducted last week, has offered $437,000 (about 1 billion shillings) to anyone with new information that will lead to his rescue.

Dewji, Africa’s youngest billionaire was kidnapped last Thursday outside the exclusive Colosseum Hotel and Fitness Club, in Oyster Bay, a swanky hotel gym located an affluent neighbourhood in northwest Dar es Salaam.

The 43-year-old who is a fitness enthusiast was abducted by masked gunmen while he was going for his routine morning workout.

A family spokesperson told Bloomberg on Monday, October 15, 2018, that three telephone lines have been opened to gather information about his whereabouts.

Dewji is the owner of MeTL, the company accounts for about 3.5% of Tanzania’s gross domestic product.

MeTL imports items including palm oil and consumer goods, while exporting agricultural products such as sugar and fertilizer with operating plants in countries including Ethiopia, Mozambique and Uganda, it employs about 24,000 people.

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