Monday, October 15, 2018


Hemorrhoids are painful blood vessels in the anus that have become inflamed due to constipation, pregnancy or straining during bowel movements. Garlic can be used to decrease itching and inflammation related to hemorrhoids. Natural remedies may be used to help relieve pain, but they should not be considered as a substitute for medical treatment. Consult your doctor prior to using garlic or any other substance for your hemorrhoids.

The steps to follow:

*  Peel one garlic clove, completely removing the paper-like peel that surrounds the clove.

*  Insert the garlic clove into your rectum like a suppository. Adding lubricant will make it easier to insert. Simply use your index finger and insert the clove inside the rectum approximately two inches. Leave the garlic suppository overnight.

*  Repeat three times per week to decrease hemorrhoid symptoms. The garlic clove will naturally be expelled when you have your next bowel movement.

*  Chop three to four cloves of garlic and boil in one cup of water for 10 minutes.

*  Strain the garlic pieces from the water and allow the water to cool completely.

*  Saturate gauze pads in the water and apply the gauze to your anus to soothe external hemorrhoids. Re-saturate the gauze pads when they begin to dry. You can also put the garlic water in the freezer until it is chilled for additional relief.

If your hemorrhoids are bleeding or causing severe pain that is not relieved by any remedy, contact your doctor for treatment advice and recommendations. Using garlic to treat hemorrhoids is not intended to replace medical treatment.

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