Saturday, September 1, 2018


People born in the month of September are usually trustworthy, loyal and honest.

Read about their personality traits and characteristics in the article below.

Classified as;
√  'perfectionists', people born in the month of September are extremely hard working.

√   They are detail-oriented and organized and are almost perfect in whatever they do.

√  Their only problem is that they like to point out other people’s mistakes and criticize them even for trivial matters.

 √  they are calm and composed individuals and generally excel in the professions such as medicine, law, teaching, writing and designing etc.

The month of September is governed by the zodiac sign, Virgo and the planet, Mercury. People born between August 26 and September 19 are directly under the influence of Virgo and those born between September 19 and September 24 are said to be born on the Virgo/Libra cusp.
There is a considerable difference between the two in the sense that, the latter combines the characteristics of Virgo and Libra, whereas the former is ruled only by the sign of Virgo.
People born under the sun sign of Virgo are intellectuals, while the ones born on the cusp love things which are artistic and sensual.
The common factor is that, they both are concerned about details and work towards perfection.

Overall, persons whose birthdays fall in this month are very sophisticated, great admirers of beauty and are also very knowledgeable. They are equipped with a good memory and are very attentive individuals. Their hunger for knowledge is perennial and they possess an extraordinary skill of communication which makes them good orators. Most of them are successful at their jobs and know how to set their priorities. But, their only weakness is, they are unreasonably idealistic. This is also the reason they can be extremely critical and sarcastic about other people. Though they are kind and sympathetic, but their extremely critical and yet, they never fall short of friends. Their natural charm and social attitude attracts a lot of friends and they are usually very considerate towards the needs of the people they love.

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