Tuesday, August 28, 2018


*Professionalism is defined as the behavior you exhibit while at work* .
As a professional, there are certain traits people expect to see in you regularly. Kindly find below few ways to looking professional at work:

*1)   Punctuality:*

One of the personality traits of a good professional is arriving to work early.

*2)   Positive Attitude at Work:*

Every staff must come to work with a positive attitude. Be cheerful and look very bright with a smile. Don't carry your house problems to work place.

*3)   Dress Appropriately at all times:*

Dressing is such an integral part of being a professional. Every staff must learn to dress properly at all times. Clean well ironed clothes, tidy hair, nice makeup, good perfume. Dressing professionally tells a lot about your person and will determine how people treat you.
You dress the way you want to be addressed.
Keep yourself professionally groomed and always pay attention to your personal hygiene.

*4)   Watch your Mouth:*

It is extremely important that we watch what we say, where we work,even to our students.

As a professional, you must ensure the following:
No Swearing /No Vulgar Language, No cursing, No fighting at Work , No shouting and behaving unprofessionally. Complain less.

*5)  Share Knowledge:*

A true professional is always willing to lend a helping hand to his or her colleagues, shares knowledge and is always willing to assist fellow colleagues.

*6)   Respect for yourself and others:*

Every staff must respect himself or herself in the place of work. It is also important to respect your colleagues at work. Be polite at all times to fellow colleagues, even when provoked.

*7)   Control your anger:*

The work space is an area where you must learn to curtail your anger. Do not lie. Dishonesty never makes anyone look good. Be honest and calm at all times. Never expose your dirty linen in public. Professionals must ensure they do not expose their dirty linen in public. Avoid giving out too much information. Keep confidential information confidential.

*8)   Follow Institutions' Policies:*

Every true professional must obey all institutions' policies. This goes to show that you are disciplined and respectful. Obeying work policies will be very advantageous to your career.

*9)   Get your job done :*

Ensure on a daily basis, you have prepared your TO DO LIST for the day and lesson plan for the week and strive to achieve them. At the end of every day and week, it’s important to go through your to do list for the week and see how much you have achieved. Every professional must be RESULT ORIENTED.

*10)  Look forward to each new day:*

 A true professional looks forward to the opportunities that each new day brings. You shouldn’t dread going to work, instead savour the opportunity to learn and grow on a daily basis.

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