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We, human being, as long as our spleen, liver, large intestine and kidney are healthy, we will be far away from cancer, diabetes, heart attack and high blood pressure.
Keeping the Spleen healthy must be top priority.

Once you are sick, you must work on the recovery of your spleen first. 

Our daily three meals should contain 50% of grains/wheat/brown rice, must learn to make it as part of our eating habit and diet.

Whole Grains  List:
Brown rice
Wilde rice
Whole-grain Corn
Whole-grain Rye
Whole-grain Spelt
Whole-wheat Bread
Whole-wheat Pasta etc.

 Once your spleen is good, your liver will automatically be healthy.
Spleen is the organ that is manufacturing blood. The important schedules for processing are 12am and 12pm  .  Thus, when you need to rest, you must rest. Nowadays, they are a lot of people who are having liver problems. Why is it?
Sleeping late, eating oily and fried foods and bad mood, these are the three nemesis.
When you eat oily foods, oil will cover up your whole liver, your liver will loss its functions.

When we are feeling uncomfortable, the sickness is coming to rectify our negligence, using pain to educate us, we must change our way of living.

Every morning, do you find difficulty to pass motion? What does that mean?
Your intake of fibre is not enough.

Thousands of sickness main problems are caused by the inability to perform daily passing motion through the large intestine.
If your large intestine is good form, in the morning, you will be woken up by the movement of your  large intestine calling you. Why? 

Because 5am to 7am, our large intestine is most actively performing it's functions. That's why we inform cancer patients must go to sleep at 9pm. Because large intestine will automatically wake you up between 6am to 7am to sit on the toilet bowl .
How many times you must go to toilet everyday?

Please remember, if it's 4-5 days, you are seriously in constipated.
2-3 days once, considered as medium level of constipation.

Once a day is mild constipation.
Once the foods is maintained inside our stomach for 12 hours, it became poisonous particles. 

Because the poisonous particles are not passing out, it will be absorbed by the large intestinal wall, which then will send back to the liver, thus, damaging our liver. This will create a serious problem. 

There is a direct relationship between our liver and large intestine. Once our large intestine is passable, liver will get recover, and build-up our antibody. Then, blood delivery to heart will be clean and no sickness will attack you.

When you always feel tired or very easy to get tired, that means you are having problems with the liver, your blood is unable to return back to your liver.

What is your health depending on?

While you are sleeping, your spleen is going to collect blood and deliver to the liver for dialysis. After cleaning and filtering up the poisonous particles, it will then deliver to the heart, the heart will then despatch throughout your body. You then received nutrients and get healthy.

Unfortunately, nowadays people are having problems with their spleen. Spleen itself is not storing blood.

There is only one method to maintain healthy spleen, eating grains/oat/wheat are the most effective way. Why modern body is so poor, with so many sicknesses?

Because they don't eat grains/oat, they eat burgers, fried chicken, steak, French fries, white rice. You must eat the source foods like brown rice, oat, wheat.

Recovering back the functionality of the four main organs, sickness will leave you.
Most people are noticing how high you can fly, but very few people are taking note of how tired you are?

No matter how   busy you are, you must take good care of yourself. Though friends are not always communicating with you but they have you in their mind.
痢When the weather is cold, you must wear enough to keep warm.
 ☕Drink less milk tea and stay far away from charging port.

Drink more water in day time, night time drink less. One day shouldn't drink more than 2 cups of coffee.
Eat less oily foods .
Best sleeping times are from 10pm to 6am.

Don't eat too much after 5pm. Don't drink 
more than one cup of alcoholic drink per day.
 Don't eat medicines   
with cold water, eat medicines half hour before going to bed. Never eat medicines immediately laying down.

Don't sleep for less than 8 hours per day.
Having nap in the noon hour will keep you young and not age easily.

Once your handphone battery is left with only one bar, don't make calls anymore, because the radiation wave is one thousand times higher than fully charged battery.
Use your left ear to answer calls, right ear will directly hurt your brain.

Six things you don't: don't wait till u r hungry then eat, don't wait till you are thirsty then you drink, don't wait till sleepy then sleep, don't wait till u feel tired then rest, don't wait till get sick then go for medical check-up, otherwise will only regret in later life

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