Tuesday, July 2, 2024


The crisis has affected the Zamfara state chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) as Senator Kabiru Marafa and his supporters gathered in Kaduna on Sunday evening, announcing the reestablishment of their faction.

Senator Marafa, who represented Zamfara Central Senatorial District in the 7th and 8th National Assembly, declared the revival of his faction due to being excluded, along with his supporters, from the recent APC meeting in the state.

Speaking to the press in Kaduna on Sunday evening during a separate discussion with a large group of his supporters from Zamfara, Marafa highlighted that there have been two opposing groups within the APC since the time of Matawalle.

He said, “The essence of the meeting is just to see ourselves, congratulate ourselves and commiserate with one another, especially over the unfortunate happenings in Zamfara due to the insecurity that is ravaging the state. We witnessed the unprecedented 2019 fight between our faction and the government of the day led by former governor Yari, resulting in the APC losing the whole of Zamfara state. It is wrongly believed that we caused the problem. No.

“The government of the day caused the problem by dictating who the party should field for the election. We simply disagreed and contested that. The election was held, and we were not satisfied. Contrary to popular belief, we did not go to court first; the government of the day did, seeking to legalize an illegal primary. We joined them in court, asserting no primary election was conducted. 

“This crisis escalated to the Supreme Court, which annulled all elections in Zamfara state four days before the governor's inauguration, awarding the state to the PDP. We stood by our rights, and events unfolded as they did.

“Afterward, APC sought reconciliation, and we dissolved our faction, the Marafa faction, in support of the Yari faction. When Governor Mohammed Matawalle took over, we faced another realignment, and despite joining forces, internal sabotage led to election losses.

“As the Tinubu/Shettima campaign coordinator in Zamfara, we managed to secure victory for Tinubu in the state. However, we haven't met with our supporters since then. This meeting was necessary to commiserate with those affected by the ongoing insecurity in Zamfara.

“Following our announcement, APC in Zamfara suddenly became active, calling a meeting of significant members. Despite being a key figure in Zamfara APC, we were excluded. Recognizing two factions, as done by Matawalle, is unprecedented. Given this exclusion, we decided to revive our faction.

“From today, I have directed my followers to reestablish our faction from the polling unit to the state level, as this is what APC leaders seem to desire. We've followed this path before and understand its implications.

“They now acknowledge two factions within APC and have called for inclusive meetings. In response, we are reestablishing our faction from the ground up, reviving what was dissolved in favor of the Yari faction when it was recognized by the APC. Matawalle, as party leader and governor, wanted this division, and now we must act accordingly.”

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