Monday, June 24, 2024


Emmanuel Ahmadu, a Nigerian student who overcame the challenge of failing the WAEC exam 17 times, has achieved remarkable success by earning two doctorate degrees in the United States. He now inspires young people to pursue their goals with perseverance and resilience.

"Seek out opportunities for growth, leverage available resources, and connect with mentors and supportive networks," Ahmadu advises. "Remember, every setback is a setup for a greater comeback. Keep pushing forward, and your efforts will eventually yield success."

Ahmadu's story serves as a beacon of hope for youths facing similar challenges, motivating them to rise above their circumstances and make meaningful impacts in their communities and beyond.

He first gained international attention in 2018 when he received the International Award for Student Brand of the Year in West Africa while studying at the University of Benin (UNIBEN). His journey of resilience, marked by attending 16 primary schools, 14 secondary schools, and sitting for the O'level examination 17 times over five years before passing, showcases unparalleled determination.

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