Tuesday, October 5, 2021



Governor Willie Obiano said indeed Anambra is under attack, desperate Politicians are behind the killings And setting ablaze of properties in Anambra.

The Governor has said the new killings and setting of properties on fire in Anambra state is connected to governmental issues and sustained by some frantic lawmakers, who are prepared to effectively assume control over the state. 

There have been theories that IPOB was liable for the assaults, particularly with the supposed serenade of 'no Biafra, no political decision' by the aggressors in numerous episodes however Governor Obiano in articulation in Awka accept communicated the opposite. 

He said the powers behind the assaults have an objective to panic citizens and hold onto power in the state. 

"We are in an extremely basic time of our development as a free society. Consistently, we witness occasions that test our understanding as individuals from a normal society and our determination as those accused of the obligation of giving authority to our kin. 

"We are faced by seeing abhorrent and the audacious presentation of insensitivity that is strange to our kin. We see our siblings and sister drain to death from wounds incurred by their kindred countrymen. Furthermore, we are compelled to ask ourselves, "who is the foe?" 

"For us in Anambra State, we have recently ventured into our conclusive second. 37 days from today, Ndi Anambra will conclude who will be their next lead representative. The moving toward political decision has made peculiar distress among the political class-prompting acts that are not just unfriendly to the system of harmony that my organization has settled in our dearest state for a considerable length of time, yet in addition a danger to popular government. 

"The conscious endeavor to warm up the framework and make the impression of mayhem in Anambra State is a ploy by frantic political pioneers to wet the ground and give an ideal explanation to electing misbehaviors. We know about this plot and we will oppose it energetically 

Obiano said Anambra has been the most secure state in Nigeria for eight long years and its kin will not permit some inappropriate legislators to transform Anambra into a performance center of wrongdoing and idiocy. 

He said: "The negative character they are attempting to foist on Anambra State will not win. We will rise together to secure our state, ensure our networks and safeguard our popular government. 

"Ndi Anambra, November 6, 2021, is our date with fate. On that day, we will choose whether we will proceed with our consistent walk into the Promised Land or pivot and head back to Egypt. However, we might do well to recollect that my Team and I have changed the narrative of Anambra State in the beyond eight years." 

Obiano recorded a portion of his ventures that have put the state in a fortunate situation to incorporate; "A profoundly evaluated International Cargo and Passenger Airport, the biggest Convention Center in Nigeria, a fresh out of the box new Awka City Stadium, three glimmering flyovers and 18 scaffolds. The Golden Tulip Agulu Lake Hotel, a flourishing agrarian unrest and strong schooling and wellbeing areas. 

He added: "My organization has established an impressive framework for the Anambra of our fantasy. We host charmed our extraordinary gathering, the All Progressive Grand Alliance to Ndi Anambra with a heavenly exhibition. Hence, we have almost certainly that our kin realize where to decide on November 6, 2021. 

"We as a whole play a part to play to keep our dear state safe and guarantee that the coming political decision offers Anambra State an opportunity to remain on the roadway of significance. We have an ethical obligation to turn out in our numbers and cast our votes as indicated by our heart on November 6, 2021.

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