Thursday, September 23, 2021



Conspicuous Nigerians have framed the Rescue Nigeria Project (RNP) to give Nigerians elective stage to the All Progressives Congress, APC and the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP. 

Organizers of RNP incorporate previous governor of Kwara state, Ahmed Abdulfatai, Prof. Pat Utomi, Prof. Tunde Adeniran, previous Governor of Cross River state, Donald Duke, 

Congressperson Lee Maeba, Usman Bugaje, Prof. Attahiru Jega, Amb. Nkoyo Toyo, Yomi Awoniyi, Dr. Rose Idi Danladi, Dr. Sadiq Gombe among others. 

It was accounted for that Usman Bugaje was selected as the organizer of the RNP. 

Bugaje expressed that the undeniable degree of nepotism and absence of comprehensiveness have brought about fomentations by various ethnic gatherings. 

He reviewed that in 2015, Nigerians accepted change, adding that today, "that change gives off an impression of being what we didn't expect, as uncertainty has assumed control over the country." 

He said, "It depends on this that we chose to set up this Rescue Nigeria Project. We need to rescue this nation and perceive how we can fix the wreck. We need to set a format and key models pioneers should have before they can achieve any political position. 

"In spite of the incredible chances of the past, Nigeria has neglected to satisfy the fantasies of its principal architects and the expectations of progressive ages of its residents. 

"Maybe, at no other time have these shortfalls become more evident than in the previous decade or somewhere in the vicinity." 

On his part, Tunde Adeniran expressed that the country is presently encountering a debacle, thus the need to protect her. 

He said: "You possibly salvage when there is debacle and when you neglect to safeguard during catastrophe, it is more perilous. 

"We have a debacle in our grasp and we need to safeguard the country. We need to think back and perceive how we arrive. We know where Nigeria was before now. We realize the assignment won't be simple, however we need to decide how to safeguard the country." 

The RNP public facilitator, Usman Bugaje, in his introduction, pummeled the President Muhammadu Buhari-drove government. 

Bugaje said, "when you diminish the issues of this country to what they are, at last, everything comes to authority. 

"We have been not able to leave the administration problem definitively on the grounds that the initiative enlistment component in our ideological groups is excessively defective to the point that, aside from mishaps, they are unequipped for delivering skillful pioneers with the essential information, discipline and obligation to have an effect. We are living with, or better as yet, moaning under the outcomes of this indiscretion. 

"This means any endeavor to protect this country from its inconveniences should initially safeguard it from the current authority enlistment system that appears to use on cash and association or ethnic feelings and no premium on information or capability."

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