Saturday, January 30, 2021



The leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has unveiled why headquarter Nigerian Army is filled with only Fulani ethnic militia structured.

He made mentioned on how Nigerian Army logo "NASRUNMINALLAH" which means "VICTORY COMES FROM GOD ALONE" which was formed by their great jihadist, Uthman Dan-Fodio, head of the Sokoto Caliphate  which was inscribed by the British under Lord Lugard.

He said: "HQ Nigerian Army is nothing but a Fulani ethnic militia structured and tasked to aid Fulani bandits and terrorists from across the Sahel to subdue and conquer Nigeria’s indigenous populations the same way Uthman Dan Fodio, that lying demon from Senegal, deceptively & successfully conquered and completely emasculated the now impoverished Hausa race. 

Look very carefully at the Nigerian Army logo. The same Arabic-Islamic inscription that adorned the war standard (banner) of Uthman Dan Fodio was what British colonialists adopted as the motto of a supposedly secular national army. British-Fulani satanic alliance to render all indigenous peoples in Nigeria as useless as they did to the Hausa did not start today. 

“The Arabic text on the Nigerian Army logo is, "NASRUNMINALLAH" which means "VICTORY COMES FROM GOD ALONE". The motto was formerly that of the great jihadist, Uthman Dan Fodio, Head of the Sokoto Caliphate which was inscribed by the British under Lord Lugard.”- Google 

Now you know why the Islamic Nigerian Army specialise in killing unarmed civilians in the South. It has always been part of their wider game plan. Reduce non-Fulani populations in the Middle Belt and South whilst opening the borders of the north to rapists, kidnappers, murderers and bandits from across the Sahel. 

How many times have you heard the army opened fire of Fulani civilians in Sokoto or in other parts of Arewa core north the way they do frequently in the East, Middle Belt and Western parts of Nigeria? Think, for goodness sake think! 

Remember how Fulani youths repeatedly mobbed and tried to assassinate President Goodluck Jonathan in 2015. His campaign posters destroyed and set ablaze. Not a single shot was fired but common Buratai had his way blocked by Shiite protesters made up of Hausa, Gwari and Nupe youths in Kaduna and he ordered the army to open fire. At the end this civilian killing spree, over a thousand people lay dead. Till today Buratai is walking about freely because he is Fulani enjoying the protection of the United Kingdom Government the true owners of Nigeria and Nigerians. 

Know ye that your support for the continued existence of Nigeria in its present format means you are wilfully participating in your own destruction. This is the height of ignorance. 

Reason is what makes you a human being, otherwise you are an animal."

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