Friday, May 1, 2020


The leader of Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has urged Nigerians to open their eyes to see hold in President Muhammadu Buhari neck and then  demand to address him live in public with non Yoruba journalists asking questions.

"Only the few that are afraid of the TRUTH, birthed in cowardice and in pursuit of 2023 presidency will fail to see the obvious. Only the greedy and the damned will fail to stand up for the TRUTH and be counted as men. Only sophisticated morons would condone every passing abomination out of morbid fear of offending their cattle herding terrorist Janjaweed masters from the Sahel. 

Today as always, we continue our relentless quest to place the eternal truth on record about Jubril Al-Sudani until cowards wake up from their self induced slumber and acknowledge that we are living in a period of the greatest Fulani political fraud in living memory anywhere in the world. 

Yoruba owned and managed television and newspaper companies have been at the forefront of the cover-up of this grand deception. They have been protecting this blatant criminality from their Fulani masters out of innate cowardice and need to preserve their junior partner position to the Fulani in a diseased and decaying One Nigeria. This will not only define them in this age but will forever destroy the reputation of a proud race for failure to confront this Fulani deception when they had the means to do so. Future generations will never forgive them for using their media, which is meant to be a force for good, to shield evil. They will never escape the scrutiny of history and neither will they be forgiven. 

The hard truth for those that call themselves NIGERIANS must face is this:

• A President who cannot address his nation live and take LIVE questions from journalists is a fearful impostor, a doppelgänger.

•A Vice President who only appear in photoshopped pictures and quoted texts to prove he is alive is a coward and unfit to hold that office. 

•A country that is so blind it cannot see a hole in the neck of the creature they are presented with as their president, deserve to be called animals in a Zoo. 

Open your eyes 👀 to see #HoleInBuhariNeck then demand to have him address you live in public with non Yoruba journalists asking questions."

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