Tuesday, May 12, 2020


Many people have said nasty things against Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State concerning the demolition of two hotels in Port-Harcourt

It was gathered that the two hotels were demolished for violating the Covid-19 order. Also one of the civid-19 committee members who went to inform them that they were going contrary to the Covid-19 lockdown order was shot.

According to Etim Effiong, he outlined why the two hotels were demolished by Rivers State Government:

"I am reading several articles where people are just pointing accusing fingers on the government without carrying out proper investigations as to know what really happened.

1. Did you know that the demolished hotel did not just operate, but, was hosting a party amidst this covid-19 pandemic??

2. Did you also know that the wanted PDP youth leader of eleme is the owner of the said hotel??

3. Did you also know that he shot at the covid-19 committee members that went to carry out their job by letting them know that what they were doing was against the executive order of the state government??

4. Did you also know that just because he's a PDP youth leader, so, he felt he can disobey the order of the Government?? Show leadership by example.

5. Did you also know that the said hotel habors prostitutes even in this covid-19 pandemic??

6. As a PDP youth leader, he should have shown as example to the people he's leading, but, he decided to so otherwise.

Now that you know, what else do you still have to say??

Sentiments is the reason why this country won't move forward and Military Rulers are better for us...

If you feel offended take Wike to court and don't forget both him and his wife are lawyers."

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