Saturday, May 30, 2020


Nnamdi Kanu still maintained his stand that the man in Aso Rock is not the real Buhari. In his latest speech, he has this to say:

1. "Nigeria’s poster president Asiha Buhari's lover-boy with HYPER-REALISTIC face mask of late Buhari, was missing when African heads of state held a teleconference a few weeks ago. That was another confirmation that Buhari was no more.

2. Yesterday, the same lover to the First Lady with his now customary Buhari face mask failed to complete another teleconference with non-African heads of state because Canadian Prime Minister were observed looking at him suspiciously. The PM knew he was not the late dictator Buhari. Aisha's Cabal now quickly disconnected the line and blamed it on "technical hitch". Another example that Buhari is no more.

3. Today, Almighty Daddy Britain, the creator of Nigerians  through their mouthpiece, the right-wing influential Daily Telegraph newspaper, acknowledged that Nigeria is a failed state. They can now see how useless their Fulani pets are. 

Without IPOB, Fulani Janjaweed, their Yoruba errand boys and Igbo Efulefus would have gone on  deceiving their fellow animals in the Zoo that Buhari is still alive and all is well in the British Zoo. That is why we must continue to hammer and expose them until the criminal Zoological Republic crumbles finally later this year."

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