Tuesday, February 25, 2020


Could it be a family affair?

1. ABBA KYARI  - the Chief of Staff to President Buhari is from BORNO STATE. Strongest man in Aso rock. 

2. GENERAL BURATAI - the Chief of Army Staff is also from BORNO STATE.  Strongest man in Nigeria Army

3. MUNGUNO - the National Security Adviser is from BORNO STATE. Currently having power tossle issues with Abba Kyari. 

4. SHEKAU - the commander in chief of Boko Haram terrorists is from BORNO STATE too. 

And the war rages.
They create scene and headlines in national dailies. 

Is the current events a coincidence or deliberate action or distraction or business in disguise?

We will find out more as their stories unfolds.

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