Saturday, February 29, 2020


Femi Fani-Kayode has reminded the Federal Government on her hatred towards some tribes in the country by depriving them the right to be the president.

He has this to say:

"You said you dont want a southern President. You said you dont want a Christian President. You said you dont want a moderate northern Muslim President.  

You said you hate Amotekun. You said you hate IPOB. You said you hate OPC.  You said you hate Nnamdi Kanu. You said you hate FFK. 

You said there is no such thing as the Middle Belt. You said you OWN Nigeria. You said there must be RUGA. You said you must take our land. You said there must be sharia. You said we must love your cows. You said there must be  Caliphate. 

You say Boko Haram terrorists must be forgiven, allowed to rule Nigeria, and be given foreign scholarships. You said an agency must be established to take care of their needs. You said they must be fully integrated and rehabilitated back into society. 

You said we must give Fulani herdsmen our land or be ready to die. You insisted that you must enslave us and that only Boko Haram lovers and those that support killer herdsmen can be President.

He also remained them how they refused southerner to be the president. How they hated Amotekun and IPOB and denied the existence of middle Belt.

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