Friday, January 10, 2020


The slain Iranian military leader, Qassem Has a time-lined crime-profile which has been created by an independent researcher, Abdullah Al-Ghaffari who belongs to the Syrian town this f Idlib.

This is Qassem crime profile:

It starts from 1979 till 2019.

1979-1983: Killing dozens of Sunni Kurds in their uprising.

1983: Exploding the American embassy in Beirut which led to the killing of 60 civilians.

1986: Hijacking plan of the Iraqi airlines in 1986 so it crashed killing 60 civilian passengers.

1988: Hijacking plan of the Kuwaiti airlines and killing two Kuwaiti citizens.

2003 till date: Merciless executing of more than 5,000 Iraqi Sunni scholars.

2009: Killing of hundreds of students and protestors in Tehran.

2013: The architect of using chemicals in Ghouta (Syria) 2013 which led to the killing of more than 3000 civilians by suffocation.

2013: Besieging and killing more than 700 civilians in al-Qusayr (Homs) in Syria.

2014: Besieging the city of Homs in Syria.

2016: Killing tens of thousands of civilians in two months after besieging and destroying city of Aleppo in Syria.

2016: Importing 110,000 Shitte mercenaries to Syria who inflicted calamities on the Sunnis and raped their women in al-Safira.

2016: Destroying the city of Mosul and causing the killings of 15,000 civilians and burying them under the rubble.

2016: Committing the massacre of residents of al-Saqlawiya area of Syria and killing 1500 Sunnis and burying them in the mass graves.

2016: Evicting the people of Diyala city of Iraq and dragging them into the streets.

2017: Besieging al-Zabadani and Madaya cities of Syria to the degree of killing 1000 children.

2017: Besieging the Yarmuk camp in Syria for two years until the Palestinians started eating leaves out of hunger.

2018: Destroying the eastern Ghouta city of Syria and killing more than 15,000 civilians after besieging it for three years.

2018: Destroying cities of Idlib and Hama and killing more than 25,000 civilians.

2019: Killing of 1500 Iranian protestors in one month of protest.

2019: Killing of 1200 Iraqi protestors in three months of protests.

Evicting 13 million Syrians by making them stateless and homeless.

U.S. president Donald Trump ordered the airstrikes to eliminate him for the regional stability and peace

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