Wednesday, November 13, 2019


Reno Omokri reacted to death by hanging for hate speech bill set to pass by Nigerian Senate.

Nigeria Senate has set to pass bill and to establish agency for hate speech which attracted death by hanging.

The Senate definition of hate speech is when you talk against the APC government, Jubril-Buhari, The Cabals, The Police, The Army, DSS, The Senate or stand up to lead a peaceful protest against corruption, nepotism, crime, injustice, lawlessness, bad government, illegal arrest, extrajudicial killings by the Nigerian armed forces, etc. 

So if you're found guilty for doing any of this, according to the Senate that's hate Speech And The penalty is a death sentence. 

He has this to say:

"Aisha Buhari’s ADC, that stole billions did not ‘die by hanging’. Grass cutter Babachir Lawal, did not ‘die by hanging’. Those behind the NNPC $25 billion contract without due process exposed by Kachikuwu did not ‘die by hanging'."

"The ghosts behind the Ikoyi apartment billions did not ‘die by hanging’.  Gandollar did not ‘die by hanging’, instead General Buhari raised his hand! But they want to criminalise free speech so innocent Nigerians can ‘die by hanging’. Nigeria, what have you gotten yourself into?"

Means there's no bill to hang looters.

There's no bill to hang corrupt Senators padding the budget.

There's no bill to hang bandits who killed Nigerians for money.

There's no bill to hang Boko-Haram terrorists massacring innocent Nigerians 

There's no bill to hang State Governors who loot their State dry and end up in the Senate to retire.

There's no bill to end poverty, inequality, insecurity or create jobs.

While they have a bill to sentence anyone whoho stand against injustice, lawlessness, corruption, bad government, police brutality to death by hanging for hate Speech on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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